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envite enables you to transform the way you work with one place for everyone to communicate to get stuff done. 

Move faster by organizing your communication 

The key to productivity in Slack with envite is organized spaces called channels.  But not just channels within Slack.  Channels across all collaboration applications. With all your messages in one place, you can move a whole lot faster.

Focus your time, on your own terms, not switching between apps

Give yourself the flexibility to work when, where, and how you work best. Take control of notifications, collaborate from Slack, and have communications with Vendors, customers and business partners from one application.

Slack with envite gives teams the flexibility they want

With all of your communication and tools in one place, teams can stay productive no matter when and where they’re working.

Stay productive and aligned with your team, customers, vendors...

Hit deadlines, answer questions, work on proposals, close deals... When all of your communication is in one place, you won't lose precious time or data.

Connect with everyone, even when they’re not in the same app or company

Cross-app communications quickly lets you share important information with department-only communications, one-on-one direct messages, team meetings without worrying about what the other user is using for their app.

Slack with envite is your secure choice for remote work

By using Slack with envite you go from discussing ideas to delivering work without missing a beat, all while being protected by enterprise-grade security.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 01


Click on the button below to install our app 

Step 02


Type the email address of the person you want to invite 

Step 03


Start messaging instantly now with cross application users

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