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envite for
Don't limit your collaboration options... expand  beyond MS Teams and watch your business grow.

Don't limit your messaging to other Teams users or just to your organization

Open up your communications to vendors, customers, business partners, etc... that are using other applications like Slack, RingCentral MVP, Webex, etc... 

If you are using MS Teams, dont limit your collaboration with Teams users outside of your domain.  Now you can message Teams to Teams with anyone.

Bring multiple vendors or business partners into group messaging 

No longer do you have to worry about what app a colleague, customer or vendor is using.

You can now create groups with any user regardless of the application they are using. 

Create MS Teams meetings with other users right from your application. 

Start a MS Teams meeting directly from your MS Teams app with users in other messaging apps.


envite allows you to use your MS Teams meeting capabilities with users of other apps without the delays of sending a calendar invite or an email with a link.

Getting Started is Easy

Step 01


Click on the button below to install our app 

Step 02


Type the email address of the person you want to invite 

Step 03


Start messaging instantly now with cross application users

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