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envite for Zoom

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About envite

envite is a universal collaboration platform that enables seamless messaging and video communications between disparate business applications including Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex and Zoom etc.

With envite, users can securely enable cross-application collaboration with other messaging and video apps to:

  • Create direct & group messaging channels with their partners, vendors & customers who are using a different messaging application.

  • Add audio and video for meetings to communicate on-demand.

  • Continue using their preferred messaging client without switching to another messaging platform.

Zoom as the preferred UC provider for envite users

envite simplifies the on-demand Zoom video meetings link creation within users direct and group messaging rooms/channels by typing the “call” or “meet” commands.   envite users can now enjoy the benefits of Zoom features below without leaving their preferred messaging application.

  • Initiate Zoom video meetings

  • Schedule Zoom video meetings

  • List upcoming and ended meetings

  • Meeting reminders

  • Meeting summary

Zoom Instant meeting link generation in envite channel

Step 1: To get started, users should have one of the following messaging applications configured for envite:

  • Slack

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Cisco Webex  


Example: In this scenerio there are 3 users:

  1. User 1-Jane ( is using Slack,

  2. User-2 -Alan ( is using Cisco Webex  

  3. User-3 -Bob  ( is using Microsoft Teams  


All 3 users have installed the envite for Zoom app from  Zoom App Marketplace.

Learn more: How to install envite for Zoom.


Jane-Slack user
















Alan- Cisco Webex















Bob-Microsoft Teams











Step 2: All three users have created a direct channels and group channel (groupZoomTest) between them.

  • Slack User Jane is logged into her messaging application and navigates to the direct channel created through envite with Alan who is using Cisco Webex, and types the “call” command.

  • envite creates an instant Zoom meeting link using the tokens captured for the Slack user Jane and posts the link to a video meeting in the envite direct channel for both users.

















  • Both users click on the “Join call” button to launch and join the Zoom meeting.















Similarly, a user from any messaging platform can navigate to the direct channel created by envite to initiate an instant Zoom meeting by typing the “call” or “meet” command.

Zoom Instant meeting for envite’s group rooms


  • All three users, Alan (Cisco Webex), Jane(Slack), and Bob (MSTeams), have created a group channel between them called “groupZoomTest”.

  • In this example Alan, the Cisco Webex user initiates the call by typing the “call” or “meet” command in the group channel.

  • In general, a user can navigate to the group room, created by envite, and initiate a Zoom video meeting by typing the “call” or “meet” command in the group channel with the group members.

  • All of the group members will receive a link/card to join the Zoom meeting.

All of the 3 users have now joined the Zoom meeting using the call link in the group channel.

Jane Slack.jpg
Alan Cisco Webex.jpg
Bob Microsoft Teams.jpg
Jane Slack-2.png
Alan Cisco Webex-2.png
P2p Video.png
Group Video.png
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